• Personlig träning anpassad för just dig!

    PT Going places vill hjälpa dig till ett längre, friskare och mer glädjefyllt liv

  • No more excuses!

    PT Going places hjälper dig till ett längre, friskare och mer glädjefyllt liv!

  • Personlig träning där du är!

    PT Going places vill hjälpa dig till ett längre, friskare och mer glädjefyllt liv!

Training in Sweden Dalarna surrounded by beutiful lakes and nature.Great tracks for downhill , cross country skiing , snow camp , fishing.....and lots moore..



Fitness getaway


Whether you want to transform your figure or fire up your fitness levels. You work closely with your personal trainer to reach your unique goals, tailord to your fitness levels.   

You'll be able to focus on result driven workouts with nutritional information to help leave the Mediteranean coast with a confidence boost and the know-how to continue your HEALTIER LIFESTYLE back home.

Training getaways tailored to your needs for everything from one person to larger groups.


For companys

Have you and your employees no have time or opportunity to get too a gym?

I will come to you!

Together, we tailor training programs according to your needs and goals!Everyone is entitled to a healthier and more joyful life!

Do you have sore shoulders, back or kneesDo you want to become slimmerand more tonedDo you want to feel good?

NO MORE EXCUSES! I am with you all the way! 


I offer: 

  • Functional exercise outdoors or in the environment you feel comfortable
  • Rehab - Prehab
  • Healthcare / Massage
  • Massage / Stretch / Thai -yoga massage
  • Strength / Mobility / Balance
  • Screening / Body Analysis / Tests
  • Nutrition and Recipes
  • Adapted exercise during pregnancy and after pregnancy
  • Stresshandling
  • Training tailored for young adolescents
  • Coaching and personal training in obesity / weight loss plans
  • Training Technique


For full pricelist and more information contact me on: info@ptgoingplaces.se


About me


Training has always been a big part of my life, it is a way for me to keep healthy and happy. I have done everything from weight lifting, muy thai to snowboarding. I have also studied refleoxology and Thai-yoga massage. 

After 20 years abroad working in the fashion industrie and as a personal protection officer is was time for me to return to the four seasons in Sweden.

My motivation to keep me strong and healthy is that it makes me a happier person and provides the opportunity to keep me active in my life. The greatest joy for me is to be able to play with my nine-year-old son and it is those moments that make life worth living!

Today I am 44 years old and I have never felt stronger or healthier than now!

It's never too late! 

PT Going Places vill hjälpa dig till ett längre, friskare och mer glädjefyllt liv. Jag tar mig dit du är!

Kontakta mig